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Muhamad Ashraf
S/O Syed Ansarai


Muhamad Ashraf graduated from University of Tasmania (Australia) with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and was ranked amongst the top 10% of his cohort. Pursuing his passion for litigation, Ashraf spent considerable time in University honing his skills as a litigator through participation in various moots.


In his training, Ashraf has gained experience in Criminal Law and Civil Law, with a lot of his work focusing on personal injury litigation. Ashraf hopes to be a great litigator in the future, as well as pursue his passion for commercial litigation and conveyancing.


The world of Business and Real Estate has always excited Ashraf and he has spent a lot of time learning and understanding the legal issues underpinning businesses and real estate ventures. Ashraf himself has been involved in the running of businesses before embarking on his legal journey. While in University, Ashraf was also employed in a supervisory role in the hospitality industry in Tasmania, equipping him with life skills to better assist clients in overcoming their legal issues related to their businesses or employment.


When he’s not working, Ashraf loves the company of friends and family in indulging in his love for food. He also loves to travel, to explore and experience different cultures. Ashraf can speak English and Tamil fluently. He can also converse in Hindi and Malay.

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